Organizing events / If you want treat!

There may come a moment in all companies and private person’s life when they would like to celebrate their important events with a happy and efficient meeting. In this case it can be useful a professional event organizer group who can do everything instead of you.

An event organizer company’s have experiences and connections what are capable to make your event successful.

Primarely we are organising table soccer tournaments and team bulidings.

The progress of event organization:

I. The preparation:

One of the first thing is to choose the suitable place and time. After that we need to assemble the program and make the budget.

II. The „active” part:

Coordination during the event, receiving and registrating arriving guests, making the protocol, providing technical background.

III. Afterworks:

A helyszín elbontása, tereprendezés, értékelések és dokumentációk elkészítése, esetleges PR cikkek, valamint sajtóanyagok megírása.